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QATAZAYAR is the Hebrew word meaning Harvest.


After a 7 year search and through a handful of frightening spiritual attacks, the Truth of my heritage and lies of this world were finally understood.

Suffering from the curses written in

Deuteronomy 28:28 KJV and being unconscious to whom I should be reverencing;


Am I really part of the same people spoken of throughout the Bible?

An Israelite?

This broad nose, dark skin, wooly hair and generational tribulations have an origin?

Our history was birthed long before the

Trans Atlantic slave trade in Jerusalem.

A direct descendant and through the bloodline of Christ, Im from the Tribe of Levi. In a world that identifies us as 'black' ...

The Creator -AHAYAH Ashar AHAYAH- calls us chosen and we belong to a Royal Priesthood.

Through art, the goal is to exhibit creativity through visual expression while sharing knowledge of the true Creators name.

If you're reading this, the opportunity to start abiding by the laws statues and commandments detailed in the Bible are still within reach. 

I fall short often but its encouraging to know the plan includes a King -Yashaya Christ- with features just as broad and black as mine!

Thank you for taking this time to visit and explore the journey of QATAZAYAR.


Righteous Regards,

Servant | Artist | Light

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